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 - SnagIt v.9.1.2  - Daemon Tool v.4.30.4  - WinSCP v.4.1.9  - Vista Codec Package v.5.2.0  - Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.1  - Anti-keylogger v.9.2.1  - Portable Firefox v.3.0.9  - AVG Internet Security v.8.5.322a1495  -

Categories: Media   ||   snagit v.9.1.2


SnagIt is an utility , which provides ability to capture image (or fragments of entire working screen), text or video in a single file or clipboard by pressing some hot buttons. There is support for different profiles, it is possible to choose size of the swept image impose filters, etc.

SnagIt v.9.1.2

To download SnagIt v.9.1.2 click the green button next (26,6 Mb, Shareware, Windows All).

2375 Rating: 4.6/10 (138 votes cast)

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SnagIt v.9.1.2

snagit v.9.1.2

Categories: Tools   ||   daemon tool v.4.30.4


New release of the free utility Daemon Tools. It is a virtual CD/DVD drives emulator. It allows to connect any virtual disk and to present it as a valuable physical disk. For users, it is a simple method to avoid original disk damage with frequent use. The fourth version  support work under Windows vista operating systems  of the architecture x86 and x64, one installer was made for all platforms.

Daemon Tool v.4.30.4

The following changes made in this version:

  • the problems of compatibility with some applications are removed
  • driver SPTD is updated to version 1.56
  • localization files of user interface are updated
  • are introduced small changes in installer
  • problems with virtual SCSI adapter are removed
  • virtual disks monitoring in network is improved
  • corrected problems with program hang up in case when two devices are used simultaneously  
  • small changes in the user interface are made

To download Daemon Tool v.4.30.4 click the following link: (7,3 Mb, Adware, Windows All).

2374 Rating: 3.8/10 (113 votes cast)

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Daemon Tool v.4.30.4

daemon tool v.4.30.4

Categories: Internet   ||   winscp v.4.1.9


WinSCP is a free FTP client, which allows to work on protected protocol SFTP with support SSH, Legacy SCP, etc... Program is convenient, simple in use and very reliable.

WinSCP v.4.1.9


To download WinSCP v.4.1.9 click on the green button on download page (2,4 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2373 Rating: 4.0/10 (101 votes cast)

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WinSCP v.4.1.9

winscp v.4.1.9

Categories: Media   ||   vista codec package v.5.2.0


Advanced Vista Codec Package is a free collection of all possible codecs and filters, which can be required for movies and films preview. Package does not contain media player and do not realize media files association with other one or another application. Support practically all existing media files types: quick time, real media, avi, mpeg, Flv, swf, wmv and many others.

Advanced Vista Codec Package v.5.2 features:

    • update ffdshow rev 2832
    • update gabest rev 1015
    • fix MediaCenter/Explorer crash
    • minor fixes new settings app
    • it is important to UNINSTALL you old version
Vista Codec Package v.5.2.0

To download Vista Codec Package v.5.2.0 click the green button on download page (18,1 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2372 Rating: 4.0/10 (90 votes cast)

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Vista Codec Package v.5.2.0

vista codec package v.5.2.0

Categories: Media   ||   vista codec x64 components v.1.8.1


VistaCodecs x64 Components is a codecs pack, which can be useful for different video preview under the operating systems Vista x64. If earlier version of this pack was already installed in your system, remove it before the new installation.

Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.1

In this new version updated: x64 Components 1.8.1

  • update ffdshow rev 2653
  • update x64 Haali rev

To download Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.1 click the green button in download page (12,9 Mb., Freeware, Windows vista x64).

2371 Rating: 3.9/10 (79 votes cast)

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Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.1

vista codec x64 components v.1.8.1

Categories: Security   ||   anti-keylogger v.9.2.1


Anti-keylogger is an anti-spyware tool for operating systems Windows2000/XP, which is designed to protect workstations from keyloggers (programs that work in hidden mode and records all pressed keys, and, accordingly, provides an attacker with an opportunity to get your passwords and other important information. Since Anti-keylogger does not use signature base, it can successfully tackle even unknown types of spyware.

Anti-keylogger v.9.2.1

To download Anti-keylogger v.9.2.1 click the following link: (4,2 Mb, Shareware, Windows 2000/XP).

2370 Rating: 4.3/10 (81 votes cast)

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Anti-keylogger v.9.2.1

anti-keylogger v.9.2.1

Categories: Browser   ||   portable firefox v.3.0.9


Portable FireFox is a valuable version of the known Web browser Mozilla FireFox, optimized for use from different portable. Program has several optimization, allows to increase work speed, and special dispatcher, who facilitates interaction between user and final applications. Portable FireFox is capable to work with CDRW/ZIP drives, external hard disks, some models MP 3 players, flash disk and others.

Portable Firefox v.3.0.9


To download Portable Firefox v.3.0.9 click the green button on download page (8,0 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2369 Rating: 4.3/10 (79 votes cast)

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Portable Firefox v.3.0.9

portable firefox v.3.0.9

Categories: Antivirus   ||   avg internet security v.8.5.322a1495


Updated AVG Free Edition, the free and very good antivirus, which ensures reliable protection from viruses, Trojans also of other dangerous programs, possesses a multitude of configuration options, which allow to optimize program under your necessary to need, and also database of viruses is updatable daily through the Internet.

AVG Internet Security v.8.5.322a1495

To download AVG Internet Security v.8.5.322a1495 click the following link: (74,4 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2368 Rating: 4.4/10 (83 votes cast)

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AVG Internet Security v.8.5.322a1495

avg internet security v.8.5.322a1495

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Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.12009-04-24

Anti-keylogger v.9.2.12009-04-24

Portable Firefox v.3.0.92009-04-24

AVG Internet Security v.8.5.322a14952009-04-24

Universal Viewver v.4.0.02009-04-24

Wise Disk Cleaner v.4.242009-04-24

FeedDemon v. Beta2009-04-24

SiSoft Sandra 2009 SP2 (2009.5.15.96)2009-04-24

Atheros AR5xxx Driver v.

Bios update for 24 April2009-04-24

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Atheros AR5xxx Driver v. (105117)

CD/DVD Diagnostic v.3.0.0 Build 82 (102791)

Samsung CD/DVD firmware update 24 May (102720)

Backup To DVD/CD v.5.1.235 (86398)

Kaspersky AVP Tool v. 19\02\2009 (79276)

UTorrent 1.8 Build 9599 Beta (61818)

Daemon Tool v.4.30.4 (53924)

Atheros ethernet controller Driver v. (53153)

WinSCP v.4.1.9 (49984)

SnagIt v.9.1.2 (49583)

Ares Torrent Downloader 5.50 (49409)

Vista Codec x64 Components v.1.8.1 (46431)

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Vista Codec Package v.5.2.0 (43055)

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